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disciple making discples-kingdom movement (2 Tim 2:2)

Connecting people to Christ, His Church and the Community

GC Ministries (GCM) is about living the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission both locally and globally.

GCM is a bridge between the partners for cross cultural ministries to reach out Nepalese and Bhutanese people groups in Nepal and diaspora Nepalesee scattered on the globe.

GCM believes in equipping indigenous leaders to train their people groups to teach and transfer the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.

Nations have come to us. By reaching them at home in our country we reach them to the foreign country of origin and reaching them there we reach them here. Its no longer domestic or foreign mission rather reaching the unreached people groups wherever they are. 

Melody, Uttam, Mira and Samuel

welcome your prayers and partnership

Help us bring hope to the nations and donate to fulfill Great Commission. Any gift amount is graciously appreciated and can be safely made through online or other options.

"To work in mission with the GCs in Albury Australia with Bhutanese refugees for four years, enabled me to witness first-hand their quality of life and the effectiveness of their Christian ministry. I consider them extraordinary leaders in both leadership and vision. My one month's stay in Nepal to see the works supported by GC Ministries, has deepened my understanding of the importance of reaching Nepalese speaking people both nationally and globally. Partnering with GC's cultural and linguistic understanding of their own people group has the strongest strategic outcomes."
Sherylyne Moran
Community Centre Co-ordinator, Australia

"I have known Uttam for over two decades and have worked with him in the ministry in the past. Now we have an opportunity to partner together in greater ways to grow the Kingdom of God. I am excited about teaming up with Uttam".

Rev. Doug Brown, Team Leader, Asia Ministry, GCC