Global Ministries

GLOBAL Ministries

Asia falls within the 10/40 window where most of the world's population live but where the least have heard the gospel. Most of the Asian population follow either Hinduism or Buddhism and many have never heard the gospel in their own language or cultural context. Through migration God has brought the nations to our backyard. Besides, technology has shrunk the world and made the nations borderless. We should aggressively use technology to share the gospel and take it to the ends of the world.

Uttam and Mira GC are strong leaders and visionaries. Their main work is in the establishment of a community that is connected with one another, with others and with God in response to the Nepalese diasporas. They have a strong sense of culture and are able to bridge the gap between the East and West in a growing Multiethnic society. Their aim is to help people transition from the belief systems of Hinduism, Buddhism and Secularism to a Christian based culture. They are proficient in preaching God's word to people from diverse religious and educational backgrounds and encourage culturally sensitive forms of worship and service. They are people of peace who work tirelessly to bring unity and love between people and promote Christ honoring ways of life. They are in the process of developing Great Commission Media using IT to reach the world with the Gospel.

Their desire is to communicate, coordinate and network with churches and organizations to fulfil the Great Commission with great compassion, commitment and to obey Christ's commandment to disciple. The believer's newfound faith empowers them to reach their nations of origin and so fulfil the Great Commission. This impacts future generations with Kingdom vision and values while preparing them to lead the nations based on Kingdom principles. The major instrument to fulfil their vision is to develop a strategic partnership with the body of Christ. This is a God honouring, urgent and important task.