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Many Bhutanese refugees have been resettled in different countries around the globe from Nepalese camps under the UNHCR program. These families even though separated, are still strongly connected. This connection has been greatly aided by the use of the marvellous technologies of Skype, email and phones. This has provided a unique opportunity for the Gospel as these people become more open to its message when they leave their homeland. As they learn of the love of the Lord Jesus, they are able to take their new found faith back home to their family and friends.

In Australia, the Albury/Wodonga twin cities have become well known as a place of successful resettlement of Bhutanese refugees. In 2011, Uttam and Mira GC began working with the Bhutanese in Albury who had begun to attend the Thurgoona Baptist Church. The Lord has blessed this work amongst the Bhutanese and it is spreading throughout Australia.


Uttam and Mira in Albury set about to build up the faith of new believers through the teaching of God's word, worship and prayer ministry. This occurs on a regular basis through weekly Sunday worship, fellowship meetings and within homes. It is important that newly arrived migrants hear the word in their native language and can worship in culturally relatable ways. The GCs are very proficient at translation from English to Nepali, so that the message is always properly understood. They are talented at developing a Nepali worship team and fostering musical flair.

They bring God honouring ways of relating within the community so that forgiveness and unity enables relationships to be restored and nurtured. They have a strong sense of leadership and calling that is acknowledged and respected by the people whom they work with and their clear guidance and Godly council is heeded.

Their gift of hospitality and compassion strengthens the community and brings harmony and a forum for openness. They are convinced that prayer and trust in God's divine intervention allows for the miraculous to occur. They encourage ministry to all ages and strongly rely on a team of believers and leaders to fulfil the work of the church. They believe in open, honest and transparent leadership where all ideas are valued and welcomed. They encourage diversity within unity to support the work of the Gospel.

Other activities include:

  • Developing prayer partners to support the mission
  • Organising various activities and programs that build relationships to support evangelism
  • Develop social support networks to meet physical, mental and spiritual needs.
  • Distribute Gospel tracts, audio information and Christian DVDs
  • Organise short term mission and medical trips to Nepal


  • Share the Gospel with ethnic groups in their own language and cultural context (including Nepalese Bibles)
  • Empower local Australian Christians for pastoral care and ministry with Nepalese and Bhutanese
  • Develop worship in their ethnic language and style for the first generation
  • Develop a multicultural church with worship in English for the second generation
  • Develop programs to engage multicultural groups to learn from each other
  • Develop Kingdom based values and culture across various ethnic groups
  • Develop relevant methods of sharing the gospel for cross cultural and cross generational groups of people
  • Develop church structures to enhance strategies for successful missionary expansion.
  • Develop long-term and sustainable support systems for ongoing effectiveness
  • Provide additional opportunities for partner churches to gain experience in the local mission project
Food and Fellowship at Bhutanese Church in Albury
Pastor Uttam preaching and Damber interpreting
Multicultural Church