Global Needs


Nepal is a small country encompassed by the two great nations of China and India. It is called “the home of the mountains” with the worlds highest peak in Mr Everest surrounded by the beautiful Himalaya Mountains. It has the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites with the Kathmandu valley alone containing seven of the World Heritage Cultural sites within a 15 kilometre radius. It is the birthplace of Buddha which attracts Buddhist pilgrimage to Lumbini his place of origin.

Some facts about Nepal:

  • Population: 29,860,686.
  • National Language: Nepali
  • Religion: Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%, Kirant 3.6%, Christianity <2 %.
  • Life Expectancy: Males 65 and Females 67
  • Literacy rate: 48.6%
  • Average age: 21.6
  • Capital: Kathmandu
  • Government: Federal Republic (Hindu Monarchy abolished in June 2008)

Bhutanese nepalese around the globe

The multi-ethnic population of Nepal is doubling every three decades. As a developing nation, this significant growth along with internal conflict, has lead to many Nepalese migrating to other nations because of the over-population and a dwindling economy. In addition, there has been the existence of Bhutanese refugees who have spent the last 20 years in refugee camps in Nepal. They speak native Nepali but have no cultural homeland. Unable to return to Bhutan and not able to assimilate into Nepal the UNHCR have dispersed many to other countries around the world as part of their refugee resettlement program.

The Christian church has a wonderful opportunity to share the rich truth of the Gospel to these Nepalese migrants and Bhutanese refugees. The global needs are as follows:

In Australia

  • 10,000 Bhutanese
  • 100,000 Nepalese


  • 700,000 Nepalese

North America

  • 100,000 Bhutanese
  • 500,000 Nepalese

Some in Europe and many in the Middle East.


  • These people are more open to the Gospel when they are away from their homeland
  • They can take the Gospel back home to their family and friends.
  • Many have connections all over the world as dispersed people have settled in different locations.