Journey of HOPE

HOPE believes that both the global community and individuals are responsible for bringing sustainable development into underdeveloped countries. This great task requires a collective response. In particular, HOPE believes that all should work together to bring hope and a future to the lives of the vulnerable children in countries such as Nepal.

One of the ways to develop and expand the HOPE Family is to provide an opportunity for people to take the journey to Nepal and to see this great work for themselves. This is a wonderful way to develop relationships with the children and also the local people.

“Once you trek through this journey you will never be the same again. Your worldview will be changed and you will be impacted forever and more inspired to make a difference in the lives of the children. They are the forerunners of the nations of tomorrow.” Uttam GC

HOPE organises short term mission trips and prepares people to walk through this adventure. Those who are interested to join such trips are supplied with the necessary information to plan and prepare for such a journey. They are provided with orientation and equipped to maximize their experience during this short period of time. These people become better ambassadors for HOPE in their own country and community.

An Aussie's testimony:

"Uttam GC was appointed Pastor of the Thurgoona Baptist Church in Albury Australia for four years starting in 2012. His work assisted the church's Australian leadership team to disciple Bhutanese resettling refugees who were predominantly attending the church. The experience of working to support this ministry helped me to understand the huge chasm of differences that exist between the East and West, not only in language but in culture. Not only did language need interpretation, but also thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and life experiences. I came to understand how important the insights of Uttam and his wife Mira were required, to explain to the new believers the deep and wonderful truths of the Scriptures from their own unique Nepalese/Bhutanese background. It was from this rich experience that I grew to appreciate the vision and strategy of GC Ministries to reach Nepalese people who live globally with the Gospel in their own language and cultural context. My one month stay in Nepal in 2015, just missing the devastating earthquakes in that year, opened my eyes even more to the deep need of this country. I met many of the dedicated national workers who work passionately to help alleviate the hard lives of fellow Nepalese who are devoid of Divine light and help. I highly recommend a visit to this nation to witness the significant work inspired by service to God through GC Ministries and to deepen awareness of this amazing nation and its resilient and precious people. The quality of leadership and life of the GCs are a testament to two extraordinary people who have been chosen by an awesome God to reach His people globally with power, passion, insight and vision. "
Sherylyne Moran
Community Centre Co-ordinator