Why Hope Home?


What makes us unique?

Focused on the Future Leaders

The whole program is focused on the next generation. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders because of the principle of "what we sow today we reap tomorrow".

Our efforts to restore lives today has a compounding effect in that these efforts will also impact a nation in 20 years time. Children are an important and integral part of our society. By investing in their lives, we have the opportunity to give hope and a future not only to each individual but also to both the community and the country.

Focused on Family Structure

Children do not grow on their own but need a family environment to develop normally. The family is the first school of life and it is there that children learn values and principles which become the driving force for their future. Therefore, HOPE believes in developing the children in its care in a nurturing family environment. The orphans are no longer called orphans once they are restored into our homes. These "orphanages" are not formal institutions but rather homes with parents and siblings.

Community Based

Children are part of the family and families are part of the community. Our children grow up in the local community and they are taught to make a contribution to their community. The community is also responsible for providing the best environment for the children in its area of influence. Thus they become part of a Global Community and this helps fulfill the Great Commission. This is through their obedience to Christ and his great commandments.

Christ Centered Worldview

The children are taught about their Creator and are encouraged to learn and grow in their walk with the Lord. They are taught to derive their self esteem from their Creator and to develop the values and principles to live their life as Christ created them to do.

The HOPE Children’s Home operates in a non-institutional, family setting with strong relational ties. Children and young adults are taught life skills as well as spiritual and ethical values.