New Mission Model


Indigenous: Reach Bhutanese and Nepalese refugees in US and train them to reach their own people groups both here and their home countries. (Acts 2:8-12)

Interdependent: Gospel work is a team work. We cannot do it alone. We are called as the body of Christ. We interface West and East and become the bridge to maximize the resources for the Kingdom of God. 1Cor 12:12))

Innovative: Making disciples so that they can make disciples to transfer the responsibility for Great Commission (2Tim2:2)

Increasing: Christian life is reproducible. We use four field simple strategies to build the relationship, share the gospel, disciple the believers and form the community. Developing leadership and multiplying the community of disciples who are committed to reproduce and expand. (Matt 13:31-32)

I-Mission:   Internet has made the nations borderless. Technology is a powerful tool to reach the world for Christ. Besides, nations have come to us. We reach the unreached here (USA) and we will reach them there (Home Countries) and vice versa. The wall of home and foreign mission should be removed and replaced with the opportunity to reach the nations irrespective of the geographical location and boundaries. We should embrace new mindset for mission using most effective strategy and technology. (Matt 9:17)